New year !!

It has been quite some stressy period lately…
Contract was ending on 31.12.2009, so I passed nearly every evening of december jobhunting, interviewing … not really time to relax and lay back.
Fortunately, X-Mas holidays arrived and I could rest a bit … well, sort of …
I did some arrangements in my appartment which is going to be rented as from 01.02.2010.
My macho-male-cat disappeared for 1 week during the snow… guess he was treated well by some other family. now I’m making sure that I got home every night to have him at home at night.
My house-female-cat is still the way she is … not keen on going outside !
Ended celebrating New Year’s Eve while working at baby sis restaurant. We had a great time !! Fun, laughters … Pics are to find on Picasa


Started New Year with some good news. Keep the good news coming I’d say !!! I’m longing for it … Maybe some new job ..
And about relations … we’ll talk another time about that …
And last but not least, some great concerts I’ll attend in the coming months !!
– 06.02.2010 : Stereophonics in Amsterdam with Stijn (old school friend of mine)
– 27.02.2010 : Arid
– 01.03.2010 : 30 Seconds to Mars
– 24.04.2010 : Claudio Baglioni
– 06.05.2010 : Vasco Rossi with handsome Diarmuid ! (quote Diarmuid : Sorry babe, he might be prince charming, but Vasco is just you and me ! – unquote)
And I leave space for other concerts as well !!
Starting spanish lessons next week. It will be tuff cause it’s twice a week but I can do it…

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