Working Girl

I finally working myself in this new job….

Actually, already am since day 2 🙂

I’m trying to work my way into my Dutch colleagues, as I have Dutch purchases into my role objectives…

Darn it, my frog is on holiday … Those 10 days will be like a training to this summer. Then our holidays will overlap and we might not see each other for 6 weeks !!

I need also to consider where to go this summer.

I had in mind to do again like a road trip. I need to visit my friend in Nice (France) first, than go to Trento. From there on, go either to Lignano Sabbiadoro, consider visiting for 3 days Ljubljana, or go to Salerno and visit the Amalfi Coast.

Guess, all will depend on the sale of the car.

I saw another concert in May. Jamie Woon !!! A smash !!

Now I have my tickets for Zornik in AB for October and I’m on the waiting list for George Michael..

Still not decided if I might go to Werchter to see Linkin Park…

See you in next episode !


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