New Year, new challenges, new opportunities or new deceptions ?

I have been adjusting my life last year towards my job and daughter… I have come to the conclusion that I NEED to take time for myself.

I need to do things on my own, and only for me… It’s true what people say. How do you think you can help people, if you aren’t happy with yourself ?

I need to start Reiki again too, and seriously. Maybe think of taking the second degree.

From September till … it has been a long drive of working, working, taking care of Laura and school matters, etc etc

And today, I got my first deception of the year ! Yes, I did it ! 30 days without deception ! Next time better 🙂

At least I will not be deceived by a Valentine, as there isn’t any !

Anyway, I wasn’t deceived at all from my pall who came to visit me several times.

Also, I’m missing some persons in my life. I’m sure they will recognize themselves…

The object of my affection is so close, yet so far away … Don’t try to guess, that’s not something that I’m giving away 🙂

I also started to plan the holidays. Something to look forward too.

Maybe you’ll get more on next episodes ! Stay tuned …




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