Colorful autumn

Seems that this year, this season has remember to start right…
Summer came too soon in the first week of Spring to disappear afterwards as if it were autumn… Then a couple of weeks of warm and sunny weather in June … Nearly nothing in July and a little 10 days in August…
And I’m supposed to support this endless Autumn for one more year…
I hope I’ll be able to escape a little to the sun this winter.
Maybe schedule to Egypt a cruise over the Nile. Or finally make my dream come true and travel to Angkor Wat. Need to plan vaccination shots and get my passport ready.
Sicily is not an option.
It’s still warm over there (30° today !!), But winters can be cold too…
Leafs of our cherry tree will start to fall. Meaning working in the backyard every evening 🙂

We also need to see what we will do about the cherry tree. We need to get him a little cut.
This year, he gaves us only 2 cherries…
All the rest was rotten or had fallen to the ground…
Giving you more news maybe soon…


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