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Where is the sun ???

When will we be able to feel the sun rays on our skin ? Warming the air a little bit more than those freezing freaking temperatures we have right now !!

I cannot believe that we are nearly mid May, and we still haven’t had the chance to have a whole day sun !!

I want to be able to do as Bouddha did !

Tanning, tanning, tanning…

Oh, by the way… I asked in the beginning of this year if this year would be a year of deceptions …

Yep, it is… and still going on …

Bouddha tanning in the sun

Jamiroquai !!!

I certainly had a good time on Sunday !! And what I enjoyed most, was the good company !

Caroline got Jamiroquai as B-Day present from me ! 🙂

the vids can be seen on and are uploaded on YouTube as well.

What more can I say !! The guy is amazing and only by standing on the stage, he just has THE presence !! Crowd was wild only to see him !

Amazing ! Awesome !

Would definitely see him again 🙂

Italy has lost a great companion

My B-Day Wishlist

For those who still don’t have a clue what to offer me for my B-Day, here are some ideas
a Guess Watch 85553G1, an Oliver Bonas Scarf Dress, a Holiday in the Sentosa Private Villa’s and Spa, a meeting with Brian Molko or a Cavalier King Charles

Self Esteem

Lemurian who likes to be tickled !!

too funny !!!!!!