Holidays 2011 – Trip to Venezia


Solar Impulse @ Brussels Airport

Working Girl

I finally working myself in this new job….

Actually, already am since day 2 🙂

I’m trying to work my way into my Dutch colleagues, as I have Dutch purchases into my role objectives…

Darn it, my frog is on holiday … Those 10 days will be like a training to this summer. Then our holidays will overlap and we might not see each other for 6 weeks !!

I need also to consider where to go this summer.

I had in mind to do again like a road trip. I need to visit my friend in Nice (France) first, than go to Trento. From there on, go either to Lignano Sabbiadoro, consider visiting for 3 days Ljubljana, or go to Salerno and visit the Amalfi Coast.

Guess, all will depend on the sale of the car.

I saw another concert in May. Jamie Woon !!! A smash !!

Now I have my tickets for Zornik in AB for October and I’m on the waiting list for George Michael..

Still not decided if I might go to Werchter to see Linkin Park…

See you in next episode !

Jamiroquai !!!

I certainly had a good time on Sunday !! And what I enjoyed most, was the good company !

Caroline got Jamiroquai as B-Day present from me ! 🙂

the vids can be seen on and are uploaded on YouTube as well.

What more can I say !! The guy is amazing and only by standing on the stage, he just has THE presence !! Crowd was wild only to see him !

Amazing ! Awesome !

Would definitely see him again 🙂

Earth Hour Again !!

Yes, as I did last year, I’m committed to Earth Hour again this year

why wouldn’t you do the same ?

Sweet words to my ears…

“Tiziana, I tuoi occhi sono come smeraldi ardente ardenti di passione e di fuoco”

I could listen to these kind of words endlessly…

New job… Does that mean new life ?

I think it does. You meet new people, you share experience, you get a new social life…

I’m actually grateful for my new job. I can recognize at least 3 of my previous work experiences in it.

It’s been 2 days. So, it’s early to say this is my dream job. But it feels that way ! Can’t help it !

Fact is, working at 7km from home, opens up a lot of opportunities.

I can meet more easily with friends and hang out more.

I’ll do that… So, I’ll meet maybe a new guy and have a happy long life with him 🙂

Soon a new challenge

I didn’t realize that it has been a year since I last wrote here.

A lot of things changed in my life. Another friend passed away and I decided to move on from the path that was in front of me.

I think it was for the best. Not to mention, that I have a new challenge starting on 14.03.2011.

I made the right choice for that too. I’m sure of it. Now it’s just finding my way, getting used to new processes, new road to travel too and new colleagues.

Last year has been tuff. I’d rather forget about that year. Except the marvelous friends I’ve met…

Earth Hour !!

Happy !!

I can say I’m finally happy !!
will I stay happy ??? Future will tell.
But what the death of a very very young friend has tought me, is that it’s useless to have self-pity and to be annoyed by small insignificant issues in the world
when you know that life can go away in a blink of an eye, you just don’t feel like fighting over and over again.
Come what may !! and you see what future will bring.
I hope a certain someone will keep his word and come in March so that we can catch up…
and for the rest, I have some idea for my website that I want to explore… you’ll know more about it soon